Our Story

While Patch Organics’ Pumpkin Seed Milk was originally founded in 2016, our story begins decades earlier with our founder, Patricia Trongone’s life-long passion for health, wellness and nutrition.

Having studied many of the leading cutting edge dietary theories at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and hands on training at the Natural Gourmet Cooking School, along with a lifelong devotion to Kundalini Yoga in Japan and in New York, Patricia sought to bring together what she learned in the kitchen and on her yoga mat through her cookbook, The Chakra Mantra Cookbook, which offers simple, easy to prepare recipes based on the seasons and colors of the chakras—for cooks and non cooks alike.

Patricia scaled her business from there, building on these recipes to develop a line of healthy juices and nut and seed milks which she made out of a small commercial kitchen and sold at farmers markets and small health food stores in the New York area. It was during this venture that she met a customer and her future business partner, Gil Kernan.

Together, Patricia and Gil brought Patricia’s Pumpkin Seed Milk to life. We can’t wait for you to try it!