Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some commonly asked questions.  If you have any additional questions please email us at hello@patchmilk.com. 


How does your nutrition compare to dairy?

We have comparable amounts of calcium, vitamin D, and protein, all with the health benefits of less sugar, less fat, and fewer calories!


How sustainable are you really?

Good question! Here are the facts: pumpkin seeds use 9x less water than almonds and 3x less water than oats. Additionally, producing pumpkin seed milk has little to no land damage effects and has extremely low carbon emissions! Check out our chart for all the juicy details on our website.


Is your product allergen friendly?

We use only high integrity ingredients and are project is certified non-gmo, organic and kosher. Fun fact: There are no known allergens associated with pumpkin seeds. Patch Organics Pumpkin SeedMilk is also lactose, cholesterol and gluten free.


How does Patch Organics Pumpkin SeedMilk compare to other milk alternatives?

Many of the plant milks on the market overlap the top 8 allergens and are not as nutritious as what they are replacing. We have an allergen friendly, nutritious and sustainable product with an awesome taste profile that’s been successfully validated in a proof of concept phase.


How much sugar is in your product?

Only 4grams of Palm sugar and 7 carbs in the original, and 10 grams with 15 carbs in the chocolate flavor.


When will your product be available for purchase and where can I find them?

We will be launching on Amazon and Shopify Fall 2020 as well as on Bitewell and other online stores. CHECK BACK FREQUENTLY FOR NEW store locations on both coasts. Initially, we will only be shipping within the US. Find us at: www.patchmilk.com and on FB and Instagram @patchorganics


What is your return policy?

We would be happy to replace your product if you received a shipment that was damaged. Do not send back you items. Take a picture of the item that is damaged and email to team@patchmilk.com

Please include the expiration date and lot number.

We will respond within 48 hours.


How long does your product stay fresh?

Please consume within 7-10 days of opening and for best results, chill and shake before drinking. Refer to the expiration date on the package. Our Tetra Pak packaging has an extended shelf life of 12 + months/ non refrigerated unopened.


How long will it take to ship?

You will receive 2 emails from Patch Organics.

The first will be an order confirmation and the second will be a tracking number once your package has shipped from our warehouses with more details.


How can I contact you?

We'd love to meet you! Reach us at hello@patchmilk.com or on Instagram @patchorganics.