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A milk alternative that’s FREE from dairy, grains, nuts and soy.

And full of plant based protein, vitamin D, calcium and electrolytes.

And unlike other milk alternatives, it’s ultra sustainable helping preserve our planet's natural resources. 


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Original Pumpkin SeedMilk

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Chocolate Pumpkin SeedMilk

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Mixed Case

6 Original, 6 Chocolate

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A NEW Milk Alternative Made from a Little Seed with a POWERFUL Punch!

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At Patch Organics we believe that what you feed yourself nourishes your body, mind and spirit. With this as our mantra, we are thrilled to launch a new allergen-friendly, dairy-free Pumpkin SeedMilk that is both gentle on the body, as well as the planet! Learn more about our story.

Our Story


We are excited to announce our first 2 releases:  Original and Chocolate.  And we can't wait to share our Coffee, Ginger Turmeric, and Pumpkin Spice flavors with you soon.  Visit our products pages to learn more about available sizes and flavors. And, try the delicious tastes for yourself!

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Patch Organics’ plant-based Pumpkin SeedMilk is designed for people with food sensitivities, as well as for health-conscious consumers with discerning palettes. We are lactose-free, gluten-free and our nutritional panel stacks up to dairy with 6 grams of protein in a 250ml single serve.

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Kim B.

“As someone who makes my own almond milk I am pretty hard to please when it come to milk alternatives. Finding a store- bought substitute that I like is usually a challenge. So I was very pleasantly surprised at how delicious this pumpkin seed milk was.”

Liz D.

"We found Pumpkin SeedMilk to be a wonderful non-dairy alternative that our customers loved. It’s a great option for those who avoid or prefer not to consume dairy, but even dairy drinkers enjoyed, too!”

Marina G.

"It has a sweet and richer taste than almond milk. It’s an easy substitute and even better than the nut milks out there now.”


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